Custom Screen Printing

Welcome to Octopus Studio! We want to print your custom tees! 

Branded tees, corporate swag, uniform tees... Sometimes these tees are frankly, awful. Scratchy tees, ill fitting pieces of clothing that shrink up weird when you wash them, and then the print starts cracking and peeling and looking awful. And you're supposed to like wearing these? Nope.

We're here to change all that. We know everyone loves a good fitting t-shirt, so why can't you have them for your brand? 


We print only on super-soft cotton blend tees that wash well and keep their shape. And they're pre-shrunk so you don't end up with a belly tee! They look good on, with a nice fit that works well with real bodies. No square cut "dad" tees here. 

Back to those cracking peeling prints... We print with waterbased inks which permeate the fabric and become soft after a wash or two. And they're kinder to us, your printing pros, and to mother earth. Lots of shops print with PVC based inks, which require solvents and harsh chemicals (bring on the gas mask), but we've perfected the water based process for a much more earth friendly shop. 

Are you ready for some really nice tees for your brand, your company, your organization? 



Note: because of the setup necessary for screenprinting, our MOQ is 24